Consultancy in Cumbria

Identify Potential

We use a range of tools and techniques to assist you to spot potential from the outset, saving time and money during your recruitment process and the later career development of your employees.


Assess Potential

We can assist your organisation to assess the shortlisted candidates for specified roles. With extensive expertise in designing bespoke recruitment solutions, we can help your tailor your recruitment to the specifics of the target role


Maximise Potential

We can help you to motivate, develop and retain talented employees to ensure they maximise their contribution and productivity. In turn we will help you foster a learning environment that will provide continuing professional development for your employees.


Unlock Potential

We help you to unlock the potential of individuals with specific learning difficulties within the workplace, allowing them to perform to the best of their ability and provide a work environment that welcomes individuals with these learning difficulties.


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ca·pa·bil·i·ty noun: The quality of being capable; a talent or ability that has potential for development or use; the measure of an individual or organisation to achieve it's objectives.

Welcome to Lakeland Capabilities

We are a Cumbrian based Business Psychology consultancy, specialising in helping organisations to attract, select, develop and retain the right people.  Using our understanding of employees' behaviour and motivation we offer a range of services to enable your organisation to develop both your new and existing employees, in order that they can maximise their potential.  In turn, raising productivity and efficiency for your organisation.

Lakeland Capabilities also specialises in helping organisations to recruit and develop a more diverse workforce, particularly in relation to Specific Learning Difficulties, enabling you to unlock the potential of these individuals and create a more accessible workplace.