Lakeland Capabilities can help you to identify great people for your organisation. We use a range of tools and techniques to assist you to spot talent from the outset, saving time and money during your recruitment process and the later career development of your employees.

What does the right candidate look like?

We can help you to develop competency frameworks and job descriptions so that you are clear what you are looking for.  Competency frameworks provide the individual with a map of the behaviours, as well as the skills that will be valued and recognised.

Recognising talent

With extensive expertise in designing bespoke assessment solutions, we can help your tailor your process to the specifics of the target role.

Design of assessment centres – a fully tailored assessment centre designed for your organisation which can include a range of psychometric tests, competency based interviews, work sample tests and group discussions. These will all be designed with a competency framework in mind, identifying the best person-job fit.

Design of interviews – we recommend a combination of strengths and competency based interviewing and we can develop a suite of interview questions and marking guides based on your requirements.

Psychometric tests – we offer a wide range of psychometrics to suit different circumstances, be it executive or graduate selection.  We offer cost effective packages for small businesses.  For more information on the psychometric tests we offer click here.

Provision of feedback – we provide comprehensive written reports on individual candidates, either following participation in an assessment centre or completion of a psychometric.  We do not just provide you with automated reports, but we produce summary profiles based on the competencies you are hiring for, detailing an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to these.