Psychometric testing is an excellent and cost effective way to gain a greater understanding of how someone is likely to behave in the workplace. That could be a current employee, or an applicant to your organisation.  As we said before, successful organisations depend upon great people filling the right roles.

We offer an extensive range of psychometrics, delivered through online platforms, direct to candidates.  We offer aptitude, ability and a wide range of personality tests.  Our psychologists are trained in the best tools on the market – we are independent from test developers and we choose the tests that we believe best meet the needs of our clients.


Online psychometric testing in a recruitment context can provide a far greater insight into potential hires.  Employed at any stage of the recruitment cycle and on any scale you require, we can advise you on strengths, areas for development, leadership risk factors, motivation, values and potential cultural fit.

We provide you with bespoke reports that are tailored to the competencies you are hiring for and can provide you with both strengths and competency based interview questions to further probe an individual’s profile.


Talent is worth nothing unless it is managed.  We combine psychometric profiling with many of our development interventions to help individuals improve their self-awareness, self-motivation and self-regulation.  We help individuals to recognise strengths, blind spots and hidden weaknesses.

Developmental psychometrics can be administered as part of our coaching packages, workshops or as a standalone tool.  We offer all individuals 1-1 feedback sessions, delivered in person, via Skype or as a telephone session.

We firmly believe that psychometrics provide an invaluable insight.  In fact, there’s very little we couldn’t tell you about your people that would help improve their understanding of their own profiles, creating more engaged individuals and teams.

We are qualified to administer a comprehensive range of psychometrics including some of the following suites of tools: