We all have mental health.  And here at Lakeland Capabilities, we firmly believe that we are all qualified to talk about mental health.  We can help your organisation achieve optimal performance, creating a work environment where your people can thrive.

In addition to the impact on an individual’s life from chronic stress and mental health conditions, there is a huge burden placed on employers.   In 2019-20, 17.9 million days were lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety; the highest figure ever recorded.  There is growing evidence that employee well-being continues to rise up the corporate agenda and that businesses are increasingly investing in well-being initiatives.  However, the approach is still largely focusing on reactive care for individuals.  Organizations need to move towards taking a wider and more systemic approach to managing the psychological health and safety of their employees.

Keeping Minds Well

An excellent entry point to the well-being conversation is our Keeping Minds Well program of in-person workshops and online webinars.  Improving psychological well-being, mental fitness and resilience is a vital part of the overall business strategy if organisations want to create a motivated, flexible and engaged workforce.  Positive well-being doesn’t come easily; businesses need to build in long term strategies to ensure that their employee’s mental health is being prioritized.

We offer workshops which cover:

  • Resilience and emotional intelligence training
  • Developing well-being strategy
  • Mental health at work – raising awareness
  • Managing stress in teams
  • Building mental fitness

Lakeland Capabilities also offers a consultancy service with our Chartered Occupational Psychologists to assist organisations to address growing concerns about well-being and mental health in the workplace.

Managing psychological health and safety – ISO 45003

July 2021 saw the release of ISO 45003, which is the first global standard giving practical guidance on managing psychological health and safety in the workplace.

Adopting a framework for managing psychological health and safety such as that recommended by ISO 45003, will help to provide a road map for businesses to navigate the route out of the pandemic and towards re-integration of people into workplaces.   Businesses need to consider wider organizational factors which pose ‘psychosocial risk’ to their employees in order to reduce stress and enhance productivity and performance, rather than focusing exclusively on managing and reducing stress after it has emerged.

Lakeland Capabilities is working in collaboration with DMA Safety Management Ltd, to help organizations identify the ‘psychosocial hazards’ that can impact upon employees.  We can help you to adopt the new ISO 45003 standard, formalizing your approach to psychological health and safety risk management, raise awareness around the causes of low well-being in the workplace, develop wellness action plans and develop a formal organizational well-being strategy.

PsychSafeTM  Survey – Psychosocial Risk assessment

Our online PsychSafeTM  Survey will help your organization identify the primary risk factors that have the potential to impair the psychological health and well-being of workers.  We will then work with you to assess and determine what changes are required to improve the working environment and how to identify and control work-related hazards and manage psychosocial risk within an occupational health and safety management system.

If our workplaces are part of the issue when considering stress and poor mental health, then good job design must be part of the solution.